Human Stretch


Q : How often should I get stretching treatment for a month?

A : We recommend to get it once a week. Because we need to make base of body for improving body for first month.


Q : Even if I’m so inflexible is that okey to get stretch treatment?

A : Sure. We provide our services for people who is so inflexible body as well.


Q : When I get this treatment I feel pain?

A : Sometimes you may feel pain when we do stretch treatment because we stretch your muscles and move your joints as well.


Q : After I got stretch treatment can I get a muscle pain?

A : Yes. You may get a muscle pain where you have hard muscle. But this symptom is very good because it means your muscles is trying to change.


Q : Can I improve sports performance by stretch treatment?

A : Yes. It’s available to improve sports performance because we stretch your muscles and then improve your joints of the range of motion.


Q : Is it possible to get hernia treatment by stretch treatment?

A : We can’t say yes. But we may can reduce pain by stretch treatment. We recommend you get stretch treatment before you get hernia for prevention.

Human Stretch